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  • In a stoner rock mood today. 🤘🎵 open.spotify.com/playlist/…

  • Could COVID-19 be the best thing to happen for more companies adopting #remotework? Companies realizing work can get done when everyone is not in the same place.

  • This is a great way to start my day… 🤦‍♂️

  • The tech industry could and probably should learn a lot from the punk scene. They are more similar than different.

  • Web development is a skill and trade

    I have long viewed web development as a skill and trade like welding, or construction. To be good at web development, it takes years of practical experience. Working, learning, and getting better. Living web development, to become great. Web development is a skill, a trade that you improve over time. There is no 6-month class or bootcamp that can prepare you to be a skilled web developer. Only experience on the job can teach you that. There are a lot of soft skills and nuance that go into day-to-day web development. Things that I have never found in a class, and rarely in a book. We need more apprenticeships in web development, and more practical skills, and soft skills taught in school. Less “teach everything”. More “focus in on a subject, and teach everything related to that subject”. #rant #webdevelopment

  • Wow! After upgrading, FaceID is so much faster and more convenient than TouchID! 📱🤖

  • WOO May 18 Foo Fighters in CLE! #foofighters #CLE 🎵

  • More classic CLE pop-punk! #TheMerkurs 🎵

  • Back at it! 👨🏼‍💻💻

  • Classic CLE pop punk! 🎵

  • WFH

  • Hello micro.blog! 👋

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